潮人居的摊子  Our Stall

Here at Jetty 35, we have wide range of stalls, selling tidbits, novelty arts and crafts. Get it as your souvenir.


Artsy Henna


Artsy Henna by ZNG art is an independent art enthusiasts’ group who specialises in Henna/Mehndi drawing and hand painted goods. Every hand painted item that you purchase carries abundance of sentimental values from the artist. 


Maiscrub成立于2016年,由Syaffiq Idham(MamuGee)创立。来自槟城, 以100%手工制作的美容产品。Maiscrub致力于提供安全、自然、舒适又实惠的身体护理,改善人们的生活。

Maiscrub by MamuGee was established in 2016, founded by Syaffiq Idham (MamuGee), himself. It is 100% handcrafted beauty products that was made in Penang. Its passion, to enhance people’s lives by making the safest, most natural, affordable and luxury body care products.

Kya Artisan Soap

K’ya Artisan Soap以小量贩售手工皂开始,逐渐创造出属于自己的品牌风格。他们采用融化和浇注技术制作手工皂。这100% 手工制作的肥皂,适合任何类型的肌肤。

K’ya Artisan Soap starting as a small seller. Now, the team created their own style and design of handmade soap using melt and pour techniques. It is 100% natural and its handmade artisan soaps will cleanse any kinds of skins.

Bee Craft Handmade Aroma Stone

由Jeslyn (Teh) 制作的Bee Craft 手工芳香石头以最节能和安全的方式释放你喜爱的精油香气。采用食品规格的石膏粉(巴黎灰泥)制作,Bee Craft 手工芳香石头无需加热或点燃来释放精油香氛。

Bee Craft Handmade Aroma Stone by Jeslyn (Teh) is the safest and most energy-saving method for diffusing your favourite essential oil. It is made from food grade Gypsum powder (Plaster of Paris) which disperses aromatic oil without the need to be heated or ignited.

Uncang Tea

槟城当地调配的茶——Uncang Tea,是实实在在的道地茶。特别为您混入源自花朵和香料的天然色素而制成的茶。这些精心调制的彩色茶对健康有益,同时散发着纯天然花朵和香料的味道。

Uncang Tea, a locally blended tea in Penang, brings you exotic blends of local teas. Specially blended with natural ingredients, with its colour sourced from flowers and herbs. These good looking coloured teas carry health benefits, defusing its natural fragrances from flowers, herbs and spices.

Le Soigneur

Le Soigneur是以天然材料和手工制作的纯天然护肤品。所有产品以小批量方式接受预定,确保产品的新鲜度。Le Soigneur 采用天然材料,提供人们最健康的皮肤护理保养。

Le Soigneur is an artisan line of handcrafted, all-natural skin care products made from natural ingredients. Their product line ups are made by demand from customers, and crafted in small quantities, allowing products to retain its freshness. They aspire to give customers the best skin health, using only natural ingredients.


Luxin 采用自家调配的棕榈蜡和蜂蜡为主要材料,制作出少烟及不含有害气体的蜡烛。具有马来西亚的独特芳香是 Luxin 精油的精选之一。期望从对环境友善的蜡烛起,成为拥有企业责任的香薰治疗生产商。

Luxin uses self-blend of palm wax and beeswax as its base ingredients to produce candles that has less soot, and burns without releasing toxic gasses. Its combination creates uniquely Malaysian scents as part of their collection of essential oils. With their environmentally friendly candles, they strive to be a responsible producer of aromatherapy products.


Beeboy 所生产的蜂蜜源自于自家的蜂蜜农场。从采集到包装, Beeboy 保留了原有的蜂蜜味道。患有“三高”(高血压,高胆固醇和高血糖)患者均可安心食用。

Beeboy’s honey is produced from their own honey farm. From collection to packaging, it retains 100% natural honey taste. High blood pressure, High Cholesterol and Diabetic patients are safe to consume.

Making Gimmick

Making Gimmick 售卖与“捕梦网”相关设计产品的摊位。到潮人居市集寻找更多手工制作,可客制化和长相独特的捕梦网饰品吧!

Shop for dreamcatcher accessories? Look out for more dreamcatcher jewellery selection for the best in unique or custom handmade pieces at Jetty 35.


Sawang为传统服饰 Sarung 进行改装,并以年轻化规格推广。此举让现代人士更易接受注入新潮元素的既有文化遗产,产品整体呈现年轻的个性与风格。

Sawang is giving a facelift to this traditional outfit, Sarung; promote it in younger appearance, such that younger generation could embrace their surrounding heritage, infusing a new life into its aged old cultural elements; making it a youthful image.

Sew Cuddly


Handmade softies, plushies, pillows and other cute cuddlies for babies, toddlers, kids and even adults! 

J&J Dreams Solution

J&J Dream Solution 由Jamie Wan 出品,成立于2017年。该摊主依顾客的需求特别设计及制作手工饰品。别小看你的创意,穿戴属于自己的饰品!

J&J Dreams Solution by Jamie Wan was established in 2017. Its team design and produce handmade accessories based on customer wants and desires. Never underestimate your creativity, get yours, be yourself, be the unique person. 

Lisa Handmade & Decoupage

Lisa 的手工拼贴艺术(蝶古巴特)拥有各式巴迪花设计,可剪贴在耳环,垂饰和发夹上。

Lisa’s Hand-made Decoupage, has varieties of batik flowers, fashioned onto earrings, pendants and hair clips using the decoupage method. 

Nak. Ed Farm

Nak.Ed Farm各种手工香皂皆出自佩君之手,以环保之名,她用天然材料以及回锅油制作香皂,也坚持不用一次性塑料包装,归还大自然一个无“塑”缚生活。

Nak.Ed Farm was founded by Pei Chin. Produced with waste oil and natural ingredients, Nak.Ed Farm is serious in promoting environmental friendly skin care products. Also, Nak.Ed Farm practice for not using single use plastic packaging for soap wrapping. Giving Mother Nature a plastic free environment.

Root & Bark 大地之色

Root & Bark 大地之色主要是以天然,健康,环保,提升生活品质为原则的产品,产品范围主要是天然染色—布衣,天然染工艺品,天然手制皂和天然精油等等。

Root & Bark uses natural, healthy environmentally friendly ingredients and materials for its products, elevating quality of life. There are no synthetic chemical compounds present. Products range from naturally dyed clothing to handicrafts, hand-made soap and essential oils, to name a few. 





Besides, our in-house printing service will turn your memories into a souvenir. (Printing services for T-shirt, mug, non-woven bag, etc)