GTF2018: A Family Memoir @ Khoo Kongsi /乔治市庆典2018:邱公司岁月


本展览展示了一个居住在乔治市龙山堂邱公司的家庭跨越三代的照片,其中涵盖了华人新年、婚礼、葬礼,以及不同时代、不同世代的生活照。它是对当年生活在邱公司内所有家庭的喜怒哀乐的回忆与纪念.吴光川先生的怀旧照片把我们带回了那个已经逝去的时代,一个属于上世纪六、七十年代人的时代。展览表达了对摄影师吴光川先生的敬意。展览由Goh Hun Meng(吴汉民)制作,Latif Kamaluddin策划,献给目前蒙受失智症之苦的82岁业余摄影师吴光川先生。展览中售卖作品的全部收益,将捐给吴光川先生。


The exhibition represents a photographic essay of a family living in Khoo Kongsi, Cannon Square, George Town, crossing three generations, footprints of different eras, different generations, from Chinese New Year photos at the Khoo Kongsi, covering wedding ceremonies, a funeral ceremony, and childhood photos from adulthood to old age. This exhibition shares the memories of a different time and space, and tears and laughter of a heritage living square. The photos exhibited are the product of Goh Kong Chuan’s labor of love. It reminds us of a time gone by, a period covering the 60s and the 70s. This nostalgic exhibition pays tribute to the work of the photographer, Goh Kong Chuan, who is sadly now suffering from the effects of dementia. This exhibition, produced by Goh Hun Meng and curated by Latif Kamaluddin, is dedicated to Goh Kong Chuan, the 82-year-old amateur photographer. The proceeds from the exhibition will go to the photographer.